Umberto Eco are muci
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Stefan Talpalaru ni-l arată pe Umberto cum se scobește el la muci. Live, la televiziunea națională. Unde dracu se duce lumea asta?


2012-03-20 11:59

Cum, n-ai aflat eencă?.. Bicicliştii sunt aristocraţia, ei jretepoază planeta, ei sunt adevărata civilizaţie, maşina e ceva rău care ar trebui interzis şi dacă nu se poate, măcar confiscat, automobiliştii sunt nişte cretini, derbedei, cocalari, ţigani (aşa spun postacii, adică alegătorii micului şi găleţii :d ) ~Nautilus

2012-03-25 04:54

Paki, aunque con retraso, te comunico que todos los que lo solicist teis a trav s de los coemntarios est is admitidos/as

2012-04-06 08:04
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Thanks very much for your post Adrian, you really capture my work and are perfectly in tune with it, it’s a real privilege to read your words of such a perception and sensitivity, and thanks also to you Patrick.Particularly resounding are Adrian’s words on the genius loci connected to the performance, as well as Patrick’s points; the great Merleau-Ponty quote and Tomatsu’s depiction of crows and Butoh body of work.The concept of field really intrigues me. I have specifically explored the visual, performative and auditory aspect of delimiting a space and in general through my interest in agricultural work, the specific ways that farmers (including my parents) had to create their own arte povera, where plants were germinating and happenings were taking place. The site and field which is framed (yet open) is for life and its living spirit, the genius loci, the one that you Adrian talk about and connect to the ever so alive and present animism. As you say, it “emerges from the way we are enmeshed in place”. Thanks again for your enlightening insights.Fabrizio

2012-04-15 03:42
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